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Before you make your bid, you need to know what liens or judgements are against the property. You need a title report researched by a local professional in Allegheny County, PA. 
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Allegheny County Foreclosures was established by two Penn State graduates who grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide free, reliable and accurate foreclosure research.

Having invested in foreclosures we know how hard it is to find the property you want, research the title, analyze profit potential, etc. We tried those so-called foreclosure web sites that claim to help you find properties in your area but they were only selling outdated and inaccurate information at a pretty high price. We soon realized that if they are not from our area, they really don't know what is going on here.

We saw a need for a service that provides LOCAL accurate information. We do our OWN research in Allegheny County, so we know it's as accurate as possible. Using our proprietary AbstractMiner technology and our combined backgrounds in banking, real estate and Internet technology, we've make Allegheny County Foreclosures the premier foreclosure site for our area.

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