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We've done our research, we know our information is as accurate as possible. We've compared our database to our competitors and quite frankly there is no comparison. Our mission is to give our users  the most complete research for Allegheny County in an easily accessible database at no charge to the consumer.
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Click to see our newest Allegheny County Foreclosure Listings - always free! Are you new to investing in Real Estate Foreclosures? Are you a seasoned veteran? Either way, we know you will find Allegheny-County-Foreclosures.com superior to any other foreclosure service on the Internet. Allegheny County Foreclosures is solely dedicated to foreclosure and treasurer sale research in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Researching real estate that is in foreclosure is often a difficult task. With our FREE foreclosures GRID, you will be able to quickly get an idea of properties that you think have potential, very easily and accurately.

With hundreds of new properties scheduled for sheriff sale (foreclosure), where do you begin? Our users start their research the smart way with access to our powerful grids and property summary sheets. Our grids and summary sheets are complete with Allegheny County property assessment information right at your fingertips. We don't resell old data, we research it ourselves. Researching real estate foreclosure properties starts here. Allegheny County is largest county in Western Pennsylvania and often has over 400 sheriff sale properties every month. There is no easier way to research these real estate foreclosure properties than with our advanced listing grid. And best of all it's free. No subscriptions, no fees, just click on the month you want to access and start your foreclosure research.

Users can customize the grid display by searching and sorting on any field. Search and sort by bedrooms, values, towns, assessed value, sqft., zip code, judgment amount and more! You can even search and sort by multiple fields at a time.

Once you find a property that you think has potential, you'll want to investigate even further, to see if the properties have any other outstanding liens or judgments. Please be sure to order a title search from a real estate attorney in Allegheny county or other real estate professional from Allegheny county. If you are a novice to this type of investing, we highly recommend seeking an attorney for advice and consultation when buying foreclosure properties.

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